Is competing trampoline worth it as an adult?

Trampoline competitions are something I still very much enjoy taking part in. However many people think I’m a little silly for carry on competing trampoline at my age (30). Especially when I’m not exactly Olympic level or even in the highest National category. I am either competing against people many years younger than me or on my own, but I really do feel that training for a purpose is what makes it fun. I do appreciate that it takes a particular kind of person to want to compete, I can pretend I’m a wallflower but everyone knows the truth! I enjoy the performance aspect of it as well as being able to “show off” a little!

Having a goal, to me, makes it all worthwhile, I think that’s why I hated the gym so much! The only good point of the gym wasTrampoline Competitions the health benefits and weight loss, I know that’s supposed to be enough, but it wasn’t for me, I need to have fun as well! Being part of a club (Charnwood Trampoline Club Click Here to visit) also helped me, I found a lot of exercise very solitary and the camaraderie of the club helped. It encouraged me to go for one, which was always my biggest hurdle! Being part of a club also allowed me to be part of other people’s achievements, it can take a lot of help from many people to develop a trampoline skill and I found I really enjoyed helping!

I started to compete trampoline again as soon as I could

For two years after I returned to trampoline I competed regularly and worked my way up the regional competitions. Then British Gymnastics changed the rules for nationals making the tariff (difficulty of the routine) something I wasn’t able to achieve, I didn’t really compete for a year and then decided if I couldn’t compete nationals I may as well do regionals. I hadn’t even touched a trampoline for over 4 months but decided to enter myself for the fun of it, and it was the best thing I have done in a long, long while. I may not have won the competition (3rd out of 3) but I did complete 2 routines and had the best fun doing it.

So when people ask me why? or don’t you feel silly losing to 13 year olds? I say, never it really all is in the taking part! There is so much stress in an adult life, why not let loose and have fun!

Thanks for reading