Bouncing its not just for kids!

As a child I loved to bounce (trampoline), I trained at least 3 nights a week and competed regularly. But as with most hobbies I stopped around aged 13, more interested in the usual distractions of life! But with the Olympics coming to the UK in 2012 I found my passion was re-kindled. The gold medallist Rosannagh MACLENNAN was only 3 years younger than me and one of the competitors over 10 years older than me, so I thought why not give it another go? Not that I thought I would ever be good enough for the Olympics (even if it was a childhood dream) but I really hated the gym and wanted something fun to do while I exercised.

Love to bounce? Have some fun!

Unfortunately, the club I belonged to as a child wasn’t able to take me on as a pupil again, due to my past experience (they only took beginner adults) so it took me a while to find somewhere that would take on a new adult pupil. Most clubs only took new adults who were still competingbounce for fun trampoline so could prove their track record and show they would be an asset to the club. I wasn’t sure I would ever compete again and just wanted to have fun learning new moves and perfecting old ones, but there weren’t many clubs out there ready to take me on. In the end I contacted Charnwood Trampoline Club, after many weeks of searching, only to find they were more than happy to let me come for a trial session as their club policy is totally inclusive, anyone of any ability is welcome. I was delighted, it sounded like just the place for me!

So off I went to the trial session, it was a bit far but I was very excited to have another go at an old passion, and I have never looked back. I am still with Charnwood Trampoline Club 4 years later and my passion for the sport, my club and all things bouncy has inspired me to write this blog, share my experiences and hopefully give so tips on staying healthy whilst having fun!

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I hope you enjoy