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My name is Kelly and I have created this blog – Bouncing for fun – Trampoline Exercise, to share my passion for all things trampoline. I hope you enjoy my bouncing stories and experiences as much I have enjoyed doing Trampoline Bouncing for funand writing about them! Please feel free to comment / share my posts and I will endeavour to reply and share your posts in return.

My Bouncing Story – Brief Bio:

I started trampoline when I was 4 years old (a little bit too young – as British Gymnastics currently don’t recommend trampoline for anyone under 5 years old, however 30 years ago there were no steadfast rules) and loved it immediately. I trained for at least 3 nights a week after school until I was around 13. I was relatively successful, making Nationals and National School competitions and won a few others along the way. However, life got in the way and I turned to other hobbies and school work instead of trampoline.

Then the Olympics came to the UK in 2012 and me and my other half enjoyed the whole games, watching sports we didn’t even know existed! I also insisted we watch the trampoline and my passion was rekindled! I always hated the gym and wasn’t really doing much exercise so I thought, why not give it another go?

It took a little while toTrampoline Bouncing for fun find a club that was willing to take an adult with my experience, but find a club I did and I am now a qualified coach along with being on the club competition team.

My aim for this blog is to get more adults into trampoline, don’t get me wrong I am also more than keen to encourage children to bounce as well! But I really feel the self-esteem, sense of team and fun we all enjoy though trampoline is something missing from the stress of adult life. Also it isn’t as dangerous as you might think!

So if you would like to give trampoline a go please see our list of clubs (those who allow adults are marked), or contact me through this blog and I will be happy to advise.

N.B. Please refrain from using this blog to market your own business or website. If you would like to market your business or website on this blog, please contact me and if appropriate I would be more than happy for you to guest blog and promote your business.

Videos from the past: